Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We went to Orange for Easter weekend and really had a great time with family. My grandmother recently got ill so we have been trying to go to Orange as much as possible and we have really enjoyed getting to spend lots of time with her these last few weekends. It brings a smile to her face and tears to my eyes to watch her play peek-a-boo with Jersi! Watching Jersi go give her kisses good-bye and seeing my grandmother glow with excitement when she sees a familiar face means the world to me!! Maw-Maw we love you and are thinking of you every moment!!We also got to spend lots of time with my dad "Paw-Paw" and step-mom "grandmomma". We had a crawfish boil with the whole gang hanging with Nat, Theresa and their families. The kids played and had lots of fun, we had an Easter egg hunt at the boat club on Saturday, and man did Jersi love,love, love the bubble machine and trampoline at grandmomma and Paw-Paw's!! Jersi had a full Easter Sunday eating lunch at grandmomma's parents with lots more wonderful family we hadn't seen in ages!! We thought for sure she would fall asleep on the way home........we thought wrong!! Once we got home she was ready to play some you can see she didn't last long!! We ate lots of really good food and enjoyed our stay!! Thanks to everyone for a wonderful weekend!

Terri's shower in Orange 4/4/09

Jersi and Mommy had a mommy daughter weekend and traveled to Orange for my cousin's bridal shower! We had a great time and enjoyed visiting with lots of family we hadn't seen in a while. The shower turned out very nice and we are looking forward to the wedding in May. All Jersi needed was a balloon and she was happy! She played and played and played with that pink balloon and man was she unhappy when it flew away!! She played so hard and before we pulled out of the parking lot she was asleep.

Weekend at the lake with Mi-Mi and Paw-Paw Feb.20-22

Jersi went for her second weekend away with my mom and step-dad and they all had a blast! It was cold but that didn't keep them from going fishing!! Jersi hasn't stopped talking about the "Sishes" since her visit with her grandparents! We even had a week of not wanting to take a bath and Eric and I having to get in the bath tub with her because she thought the "Sishes" were in the tub. We have since moved on and talk about the "Sishes" as much as possible. Jersi is looking forward to going fishing and riding in the boat when she returns in May! We love you Mi-Mi and Paw-Paw!!