Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playing Peek-a-boo

One of the requirements for the adoption agency was to remove all cleaners/dangerous items from under the cabinets. So in the kitchen I removed all of the cleaners and put all of our Tupperware under the sink. That is probably the best idea I have ever had!! Jersi has played under/in the cabinet since she has been mobile and one of her most recent thrills is playing peek-a-boo under the cabinet. She pushes all of the Tupperware to one side (as you can see in the first picture) and climbs backwards into the other cabinet door. I then play along saying, "where is Jersi" she responds by slinging the cabinet door open and yelling "BOO"! I finally got some good pics of her doing this and just had to post!!

Christmas at Paw-Paw Ronnie and Grandmama Pam's-12-28-08

We packed up on Sunday morning at my mom and Rob's and headed to Orange to do Christmas with Paw-Paw Ronnie, Grandmama Pam and the rest of the family!! Jersi was finally starting to feel a little better and ate more than just breakfast and club crackers on Sunday while at dad's. She actually sat at the big kid table and ate a roll, some dirty rice, and a cookie. This was our first of three Christmas' that she actually opened her own gifts. She not only opened her own she wanted to open all the other gifts as well! She was feeling soooooooooo much better!! Once again she got lots of really nice things clothes, toys, an Aggie chair (Whoop!), gift card, a suitcase, and sleeping bag! Thank you very very much to Paw-Paw Ronnie, Grandmama Pam and the rest of the family for a grand time and the end of our 2008 Christmas adventure. By the time we left dad and Pam's we were very tired to put it mildly and ready to be home! Thanks again to each and everyone of our family and friends for a fabulous holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

The weekend after Christmas my mom and Rob's-Christmas 2008

The weekend after Christmas we were on the road again headed up to the lake to see MeMe (my mom) and Paw-Paw Rob. By this time Jersi was really not feeling well and I have to say she felt the worst while at my mom and Rob's. Poor baby, she was finally starting to cough everything up that was in her chest and her nose was really bad! We did what the doctor said and by Sunday she was starting to feel better! While there we had a wonderful time playing the Wii and singing on the karaoke machine. Jersi really had a good time dancing to the music with her daddy!! I can't even begin to tell you all of the things Jersi got for Christmas while at my mom and Rob's all I know is we had to leave some things at my mom's because they wouldn't fit in the durango!! She got several more dolls, strollers, clothes, John Deer wagon, first ball and bat, grocery cart, and a 100 piece set of groceries (that I just love my mother for)! Jersi dumps the grocery basket of all hundred pieces out every night and we pick all hundred pieces up as we sing "Clean up Clean up everybody everywhere..........." . Good times! Out of all the toys she got while at mom and Rob's her favorite toy was a basket of candy canes my mom had sitting out for decorations!! Uncle Reid and Aunt Beth gave Jersi some Barney movies that we just love, love, love along with some other really nice things that we are so appreciative of! We enjoyed getting to see lots of family and thank each and everyone of them for all of the wonderful gifts!! Thank you to MeMe and Paw-Paw Rob for a very very special Christmas with more toys than we now what to do with! We Love all of you very much!!

Christmas Morning-2008

As I said before Jersi was not feeling well this Christmas and Christmas morning was no different! Once she woke up I carried her to the edge of the hall way so she could see what Santa had brought her but she was so sick she just wanted to be held. Once we approached her toys she woke up a little and started to play with everything! To my surprise I think her favorite was the table, chairs and tea set. She has been very into dolls for the last month or so, so I really expected her favorite to be the stroller, baby dolls, and pack-n-play. Nana (Eric's mom) and Paw-Paw John had come in town on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with us and we are so thrilled they did!! Eric's mom and John got Jersi the tri-cycle which you can tell she was pleased with. Jersi helped me open a few of her gifts but really wasn't into it so I unwrapped most of them. We were very blessed and are so very thankful for this wonderful holiday season!

The beginning of Christmas 2008- Paw-Paw Moe and Grandma Pat's House 12/20/2008

Before I get started with my numerous post from this Christmas I just want to thank all of our Grandparents for a wonderful time! Jersi was sick with a really bad cold from Monday December 15th through the New Year! Jersi was taking breathing treatments and was really not herself most of the holiday! So sorry for such a rough holiday! If nothing else it was wonderful birth control for Reid and Beth!! Ha! Ha!

We traveled to Paw-Paw Moe and Grandma Pat's house the weekend before Christmas to visit and celebrate Christmas. While there we visited the walkway of lights a Christmas tradition that Marble Falls, Tx is famous for. People travel from all over to come see the amazing Christmas lights and we really enjoyed ourselves. While there we got Jersi's picture taken with Santa and as you can see she wasn't real thrilled!! Thanks to Paw Paw Moe and
Grandma Pat for a wonderful visit!!

Some of Jersi's newest things-December 2008

Sorry to be such a slacker lately! These are pictures of some of the things Jersi is doing these days. She ate powered donuts for the first time on 12-12-08, loves to eat the toothpaste off her tooth brush, and is enjoying walking in her play high heels!! Good Times!!