Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jersi's 1st Haircut-11/22/2008

With Jersi's hair continuing to grow like wild fire we finally gave in and decided to go get it cut!! We went to a very cool place that caters to youngsters called, Cool Cuts 4 Kids! Jersi sat in the Red Fire Engine and watched Barney while getting her hair cut! She surprisingly did very well! The only time she became a little uncooperative was when her hair was in her face while trying to cut bangs!! Overall she did wonderful and enjoyed both the movie and the Red Fire engine! She was jumping up and down holding on to the wheel of her fire engine! We got lots of pictures and keep some of her hair! The bangs had to grow on me (she doesn't look like a baby anymore) but I think she likes it much better because her hair is not in her eyes as much! We had a wonderful experience for our 1st haircut!! Thanks Lyn for the referral!

1st Daddy Daughter weekend-11/14/08-11/16/08

Mommy headed off on her girl's scrap booking weekend and daddy and daughter secretly took off to NEW BRAUNFELS! I didn't give him permission to do that!! Just kidding!! Over the weekend while speaking on the phone I didn't believe that he actually went to New Braunfels and didn't believe him till I got home and he showed me proof! He had taken lots of pictures of their wonderful adventure to the Children's Museum! Jersi had a ball going from exhibit to exhibit exploring her surroundings!! She got to go in several different exhibits from NASA to a grocery store with her very own grocery cart!! As you can see she had a good time in the camping exhibit as well! I almost forgot to mention that he fixed her hair and took wonderful care of our beautiful daughter all weekend! Needless to say I was very surprised about the road trip yet very very proud of our wonderful daddy! Way to go dad!

Visit with Nana and Paw-Paw John 11-8-2008

Paw-Paw John was having the BIG 21st birthday on 11-8-2008 so we decided to drive to Huntsville to help him celebrate! While there Nana cooked ham, beans, cheesy potatoes, and of course a good old chocolate birthday cake!! Jersi loved most of it but passed on the ham!! We played with NaNa's seashell wind chime that was shedding sea shells by the time Jersi got done pulling tugging and almost swinging on the delicate strands of shells. Ya I couldn't get here away from that thing fast enough!! Jersi also played with Paw-Paw John's computer with Jersi's latest picture up as his screen saver!! I tried to get a picture of them before leaving and Jersi wasn't real happy! We had a great visit and hope Paw-Paw didn't mind us crashing his special day!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 10/31/2008

This is Jersi's 2nd Halloween and boy did we have a great time!Jersi was a sweet Ballerina for Halloween dressed in Pink from head to toe!! We ended up going trick or treating with our neighbors John, Meagan, Julie, and the newest addition Nathan!! Julie was a beautiful blue butterfly and Nathan was a little skeleton. This year was much different than last Jersi actually went up to the doors and got candy in her basket! Everytime some one would put candy in her basket she would sit down on their door step and was ready to eat her candy!! Way too cute! As you can see from the pictures she started off with a tootsie roll pop and had at it!! She sucked on that tootsie roll pop, twirled it around and got it all over everything!! Needless to say we had a wonderful Halloween! What a JOY to watch your child have so much FUN!! Hope everyone had as much fun as we did with our little Ballerina!!

Cristian's birthday party and The Pumpkin Patch 10/18/08

We went to Cristian's 4th birthday party at an Exotic Zoo/Pumpkin Patch!! What a great place to have a birthday party! Jersi got to pet Lama's, Miniature Pony's, a baby pig, kangaroo, and deer! We also painted a pumpkin and had a great time throwing pumpkins! She thought they were balls! This is our second year at the pumpkin patch last year she slept through most of the adventure so this year was much better!! We ate pizza, cake, and even got to hit the pinata'! Thanks to Missy and Cristian for a wonderful time!

Texas State Fair 10/4/2008

We have been very busy since our last post!! We had a girl's weekend and traveled to Dallas to visit Shel, Charlee, and Braylee as well as the Arrambide family! While there we went to the Texas State Fair where Jersi got to ride the Carousel for the first time. She also ate cotton candy for the first time! We had a wonderful time and thank the Arrambide's for Jersi's first trip to the Texas State Fair!! Oh and a very very special thank you to that wonderful best friend of mine who took these awesome pictures while Jersi and I were having fun on the rides!! Thanks to Shel, Charlee, and Braylee for a wonderful weekend with lots of memories and hopefully lots more to come!! We miss you so much and can't wait to see you again soon!