Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurricane IKE

Well hurricane IKE came in on Friday September 12th and we are still feeling his presence today. Hurricane IKE was Jersi's 1st true hurricane and I have to say the first that made Eric and I scared enough to leave the next time. Our power went out on Friday the 12th in the middle of the night so on Saturday we packed up some things and headed to Uncle Reid and Aunt Beth's house. They had a generator and boy were we thankful!! Jersi was nice and cool and that was all we needed. We stayed the night Saturday and waited around on Sunday for our power to come back. Didn't happen!! We packed up on Sunday for Austin to go stay/visit with Eric's dad and Pat. Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw Garza! Once we new power was back up we headed home on Tuesday the 16th. Eric went back to work on Wednesday and I am still working from home due to our building being totally flooded! The roof of our building was 75% damaged and water just started pooring in from the sixth floor, I am on the 4th. Anyway I tried to take pictures of most of Jersi's first hurrican adventure and hope all of you enjoy!! Through all of this Jersi didn't make a peep! She was good as gold and had a blast everywhere we went!! As you will see from the pictures she ate a chocalate sucker with our neighbor Julie on Friday before hurricane IKE arrived. I think she liked it!! :) We played in Aunt Beth's HOT PINK OFFICE chair and took walks outside as neighbors started cleaning up their yards! She ate popcorn with Paw-Paw Moe and tried to pet the cats with Maw-Maw Pat. Then she was smiling and just chillin as we were all very happy to be heading home to a house WITH ELECTRICITY!! Compared to most we were very very lucky! We are BLESSED!

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