Monday, September 8, 2008

Over the weekend

We had a fun filled weekend with lots of visitors. On Saturday the Hawkinson's came over to watch the Aggie game. We enjoyed playing with Hayden and getting some sweet kisses from baby Abby!! We also had Grandma and Grandpa Garza in for a couple of hours from Marble Falls. On Sunday we had uncle Reid, aunt Beth, aunt Kay, and uncle Steve over for fajitas and of course the Cowboy game!! We enjoyed a beautiful weekend with lots of great company!! Jersi had a wonderful weekend. She has become very talkative over the last month or so. Most of what she says you can't understand however it is lots of fun listening to her interesting conversations. She is saying, "yes, no, daddy, momma, thank you on occasion, hey" and lots of other important things we have no clue how to interpret! Sorry don't have any pictures to post I will get some up this week for sure!!

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