Sunday, November 23, 2008

Visit with Nana and Paw-Paw John 11-8-2008

Paw-Paw John was having the BIG 21st birthday on 11-8-2008 so we decided to drive to Huntsville to help him celebrate! While there Nana cooked ham, beans, cheesy potatoes, and of course a good old chocolate birthday cake!! Jersi loved most of it but passed on the ham!! We played with NaNa's seashell wind chime that was shedding sea shells by the time Jersi got done pulling tugging and almost swinging on the delicate strands of shells. Ya I couldn't get here away from that thing fast enough!! Jersi also played with Paw-Paw John's computer with Jersi's latest picture up as his screen saver!! I tried to get a picture of them before leaving and Jersi wasn't real happy! We had a great visit and hope Paw-Paw didn't mind us crashing his special day!!

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