Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 10/31/2008

This is Jersi's 2nd Halloween and boy did we have a great time!Jersi was a sweet Ballerina for Halloween dressed in Pink from head to toe!! We ended up going trick or treating with our neighbors John, Meagan, Julie, and the newest addition Nathan!! Julie was a beautiful blue butterfly and Nathan was a little skeleton. This year was much different than last Jersi actually went up to the doors and got candy in her basket! Everytime some one would put candy in her basket she would sit down on their door step and was ready to eat her candy!! Way too cute! As you can see from the pictures she started off with a tootsie roll pop and had at it!! She sucked on that tootsie roll pop, twirled it around and got it all over everything!! Needless to say we had a wonderful Halloween! What a JOY to watch your child have so much FUN!! Hope everyone had as much fun as we did with our little Ballerina!!


Leigh Attaway Wilcox said...

What a beautiful little ballerina Jersi made! So precious . . . I love seeing the pictures and catching up with you guys via the blog! Yay!

So glad she had fun. What a doll wanting to sit and eat her candy right away--kids are all about instant gratification, aren't they?!?

You've motivated me to update my blog . . . I'm going to try to get some new entries up today/tonight.

Thanks, Randi. We miss you guys.


The DeBruin's said...

Such a pretty ballerina...with a big pink bow, of course! :) I'm glad you started a blog too. They are so much fun to read and keeps you up to date on everyone's lives. It almost feels like we actually see each other often!