Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas at Paw-Paw Ronnie and Grandmama Pam's-12-28-08

We packed up on Sunday morning at my mom and Rob's and headed to Orange to do Christmas with Paw-Paw Ronnie, Grandmama Pam and the rest of the family!! Jersi was finally starting to feel a little better and ate more than just breakfast and club crackers on Sunday while at dad's. She actually sat at the big kid table and ate a roll, some dirty rice, and a cookie. This was our first of three Christmas' that she actually opened her own gifts. She not only opened her own she wanted to open all the other gifts as well! She was feeling soooooooooo much better!! Once again she got lots of really nice things clothes, toys, an Aggie chair (Whoop!), gift card, a suitcase, and sleeping bag! Thank you very very much to Paw-Paw Ronnie, Grandmama Pam and the rest of the family for a grand time and the end of our 2008 Christmas adventure. By the time we left dad and Pam's we were very tired to put it mildly and ready to be home! Thanks again to each and everyone of our family and friends for a fabulous holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

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