Thursday, January 1, 2009

The beginning of Christmas 2008- Paw-Paw Moe and Grandma Pat's House 12/20/2008

Before I get started with my numerous post from this Christmas I just want to thank all of our Grandparents for a wonderful time! Jersi was sick with a really bad cold from Monday December 15th through the New Year! Jersi was taking breathing treatments and was really not herself most of the holiday! So sorry for such a rough holiday! If nothing else it was wonderful birth control for Reid and Beth!! Ha! Ha!

We traveled to Paw-Paw Moe and Grandma Pat's house the weekend before Christmas to visit and celebrate Christmas. While there we visited the walkway of lights a Christmas tradition that Marble Falls, Tx is famous for. People travel from all over to come see the amazing Christmas lights and we really enjoyed ourselves. While there we got Jersi's picture taken with Santa and as you can see she wasn't real thrilled!! Thanks to Paw Paw Moe and
Grandma Pat for a wonderful visit!!

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