Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning-2008

As I said before Jersi was not feeling well this Christmas and Christmas morning was no different! Once she woke up I carried her to the edge of the hall way so she could see what Santa had brought her but she was so sick she just wanted to be held. Once we approached her toys she woke up a little and started to play with everything! To my surprise I think her favorite was the table, chairs and tea set. She has been very into dolls for the last month or so, so I really expected her favorite to be the stroller, baby dolls, and pack-n-play. Nana (Eric's mom) and Paw-Paw John had come in town on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with us and we are so thrilled they did!! Eric's mom and John got Jersi the tri-cycle which you can tell she was pleased with. Jersi helped me open a few of her gifts but really wasn't into it so I unwrapped most of them. We were very blessed and are so very thankful for this wonderful holiday season!

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