Thursday, January 1, 2009

The weekend after Christmas my mom and Rob's-Christmas 2008

The weekend after Christmas we were on the road again headed up to the lake to see MeMe (my mom) and Paw-Paw Rob. By this time Jersi was really not feeling well and I have to say she felt the worst while at my mom and Rob's. Poor baby, she was finally starting to cough everything up that was in her chest and her nose was really bad! We did what the doctor said and by Sunday she was starting to feel better! While there we had a wonderful time playing the Wii and singing on the karaoke machine. Jersi really had a good time dancing to the music with her daddy!! I can't even begin to tell you all of the things Jersi got for Christmas while at my mom and Rob's all I know is we had to leave some things at my mom's because they wouldn't fit in the durango!! She got several more dolls, strollers, clothes, John Deer wagon, first ball and bat, grocery cart, and a 100 piece set of groceries (that I just love my mother for)! Jersi dumps the grocery basket of all hundred pieces out every night and we pick all hundred pieces up as we sing "Clean up Clean up everybody everywhere..........." . Good times! Out of all the toys she got while at mom and Rob's her favorite toy was a basket of candy canes my mom had sitting out for decorations!! Uncle Reid and Aunt Beth gave Jersi some Barney movies that we just love, love, love along with some other really nice things that we are so appreciative of! We enjoyed getting to see lots of family and thank each and everyone of them for all of the wonderful gifts!! Thank you to MeMe and Paw-Paw Rob for a very very special Christmas with more toys than we now what to do with! We Love all of you very much!!

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